A Quaking Giant

Some organisms are are small and have short life spans like a common house fly or an amoeba. other organisms are relatively large and have long life spans whales and ocean turtles. The quaking aspen, Pando, is the world’s largest tree. Covering over 107 acres and weighing 6,615 tons, this massive organism is an entire forest. Technically, it is a clonal colony where the trees are genetically identical to each other. A clone of itself, the trees all were asexually reproduced from one tree about 80,000 years ago. Now, there are about 47,000 tree clones. Pando resides in the middle of Fishlake National Forest in Utah.

All quaking aspens are in groups of one large organisms and can normally take up one to twenty acres of space. The aspen trees are all interconnected as one life form underground in their roots. Because they have asexual reproduction, there growth in numbers is quick and lasts for a long time. Even though sickness can spread in individual trees, the aspen’s roots are unaffected and quickly grow back new saplings. Fires also do not affect the aspen; in fact, they help the aspen spread seeds in the most serious fires. In such a scale, immunity, and long life span, it would be assumed that aspen would have no problems. However, due to certain environmental unbalances, the massive quaking aspen can slightly weaken.

Deer and elk roam the wilderness in Utah. Because they are herbivores, they eat grasses, shrubs, and weeds. Naturally, the more grasses there are, the more the deer and elk multiply. It is blamed upon the growing population of the mammals that the forest is not growing new trees. They over graze on the little saplings of Pando. While at the end of their life span, saplings are supposed to replace older aspen trees; however, because the sapling population is depleting, the older forest trees are withering and diminishing in size. Spruce and fir trees can also be a problem for the aspen. Without forest fires, the competition for nutrients is fought between the three trees types.

Overall, the quaking aspen is an amazing organism. It can live for a long period of time as evident by the Pando and is mainly self reliant. The aspens can build entire forests and be considered a singular organism. Although deer, elk, spruce, and firs can threaten the aspen trees, they cannot be easily destroyed.


Photo by: psuadio at https://pixabay.com/en/aspen-fall-autumn-mountains-669294/


Photo by: calharkins at https://pixabay.com/en/colorado-aspen-trees-fall-color-561553/






Week 6

Here are ten blogs I commented on.

On Mason’s blog

Hey Mason,
I completely agree with what you wrote for this post. I am a theater person and actor, and I find that people get stressed out when they mess up. They drop out or refuse to stay with the part that was given to them. A few people gladly accept roles and fight through the stress; they stay persistent and optimistic. My main question is this: do you keep an optimistic outlook in the most stressful situations?

On Jared’s blog

Hey Jared,
I completely agree with you; hamburger’s are a favorite in America. I personally eat many hamburgers every month Your post made me hungry and crave hamburgers. Is there any toppings that you wouldn’t put on your burger?

On Hoo’s blog http://hoow20.edublogs.org/2015/10/30/my-halloween/#comment-34

Hey Hoow20,
At first I was surprised on how you did nothing on Halloween, but once you explained, I related to your opinion. Personally, I love haunted houses and horror mazes. I have gone to several for the last couple years, and there tons of fun. Like you, its funny to invite my friends and watched them jerk and flinch in fear. I think that’s what Halloween’s truly about. Would you ever go to a place with several haunted mazes at once?

On  Victoria’s blog

Hey Victoria,
I really enjoyed your brief, but interesting history of Halloween! I liked how people dressed up to mimic and appease evil spirits, and how they played tricks on the homeowner for not giving them treats. It really changed my outlook on Halloween. Do you ever try to celebrate Halloween traditionally?

On Wilao’s blog http://wilao.edublogs.org/2015/11/02/celebrating-halloween-week-4/

Hey Wilao,
I enjoyed your post; it really reflected on what I feel about Halloween. I love costumes and transforming into a different person. For me, candy has always been third to costuming and hanging out with friends and family. If you could pick out your favorite costume, what would it be?

On Gisele’s blog

Hey Gisele,
Your post opened my eyes to the many uses of vegemite. I have never tried vegemite, but I had heard of it and seen it in certain markets. However, I have never encountered chocolate vegemite; its sounds strange, but I still would love to try it! What does chocolate vegemite go with? Can it be eaten be itself?

On Mary’s blog http://maryw06.edublogs.org/2015/11/01/halloween/#comments

Hey Mary,
I love dressing up for Halloween, and I usually go trick-or-treating with my friends. I love dressing up, and I always go as something well known or barely known. This year I went as Ashitaka, a feudal Japanese prince, from the animated movie Princess Mononoke.

On Farhiyam’s blog

Hey Farhiyam,
I completely agree with you; hard work and peace go hand in hand. Sometimes a project for school, work, or for yourself gets stressful and hard work is needed to succeed. However, as people, we must remember that stress causes strain and needs to be let go. In what moments does stress and worry get to you? How do you find inner peace?

On Elle’s blog http://emcclintock20.edublogs.org/2015/11/05/popular-foods-in-america-ice-cream/#comments

Hey Elle,
I have to say that the facts that you presented surprised me; I can’t believe that ice cream’s origins date back so far. I have to say that I myself consume a decent amount of ice cream every year, so I contribute to that second place spot! My favorite type of ice cream is chocolate. What’s your favorite type of ice cream? What’s your least favorite type of ice cream?

On Kathryn’s blog

Hey Kathryn,
I agree; hamburgers and hotdogs are the foods that I see most often. I couldn’t believe that American’s consumption of hamburgers could go around the world 32 times! My favorite type of hamburger would have to be a mushroom and white cheese hamburger. What is your favorite condiments and items to put on your hamburger?

Week 5 Activity 1


In my country, one of the most iconic cuisines is the hamburger. Its origin is not specific, but it was most likely created in the 19th to early 20th centuries. Hamburgers were originally classified as just meat patties between buns (which are separated pieces of bread). Over the years, the hamburger has had condiments and other ingredients such as lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, ketchup, mustard,and cheese added to it. Hamburgers have been specialized and classified on the wide variety of ingredients they can contain. Today, hamburgers can come with drinks and fries depending on what you order. Personally, I have eaten and enjoyed many hamburgers from all over my home city, and it is the food that I can imagine the most. My favorite hamburger would have to be with mushrooms, grilled onions, and white cheese.

I found my information from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_hamburger

Although Wikipedia is not the most reliable source, I did most of my research based on experience.

I found the picture by ClkerFreeVectorImages at https://pixabay.com/en/cheeseburger-drink-fries-food-menu-34314/

Week 5 Activity 2

On school days, the lunch lines are crowded with hungry children frantic to get their food. Pizza, hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, and Chinese food like orange chicken and chow mein float into the children’s minds. My friends wait in these tedious lines to get their food while I, on the other hand, eat my school lunch. I usually eat turkey and cheese sandwiches, but on certain occasions, I eat roast, fried, or grilled chicken, pork, or beef with rice. Some of my favorite meats would have to be fried chicken or spam (which is processed canned pork). Sometimes, I even get desserts like chocolate chip cookies and cakes.

Week 5 Activity 4

For week 5 activity 4 I posted comments on Allegra, Teagan, Gauri, Mary-Ellen, and Caitlyn’s blog! They happened to all be from Australia. I learned about many different popular foods they eat and was hoping to try a dish one day. Here were the comments:

Dear Allegra,
I like what you shared about Australian food. I have never tried any of those foods except the barbecued shrimp. What is Pavlovas? What do you eat it with? I am interested to try it.

Dear Teagan,
I enjoyed the video that you put together to share popular foods of Australia! The video was very entertaining. In the United States, we also eat a lot of steaks; however, I have never tried of many of the things you listed. First, what are Weet-Bix? Do you like them as well? I’m was drawn to the Weet-Bix because I want to try it, and it has quirky name.

Dear Gauri,
I liked your presentation of popular foods in Australia! However, I am not familiar with Lamingtons. On that note, what are Lamingtons? What is your favorite food from your list too?

Dear Mary-Ellen,
Great job on your video list! I definitely learned more about Australia’s food. however, I don’t know all of the foods you presented. What are the Pie floater and the Boston Bun? Which item on this list is your favorite?

Hello Caitlyn,
Wonderful job on your video presentation! Now I want to try some of these foods! I am not familiar with Pie Flouter yet. What is your favorite food on your list? I would love to try it!
Thank you,

Week 3: Activity 1



One of my favorite times spent with my family was my trip to Maui, Hawaii. It was spectacular with all the zip lining, swimming, and mountain tops! My family gave me permission to use this photo on Haleakalā. We drove up the steep mountain to watch the sunrise one day, and this is the photo we took a couple hours later. I have been to Maui twice and would probably continue going just to do all the activities again.

Week 3: Activity 2

Although I was young when I was around my great grandmother, she still left an impression on my life. She died when I was four at the age of 94. Most of the things I can remember about her is not the moments I spent with her, but the stories. From my grandmother, I have heard several recollections of what happened when she was a kid with her mother, my great grandmother. One of the most prominent of these stories would have to be her life in Thailand while at the market. On certain days, my great grandmother would travel to the market to sell produce; however, before she traveled anywhere, she would change into old and rugged clothes. She did this so that people would think that she didn’t have any money and wouldn’t try to mug her while she sold her goods. Once she was done, she would change into street clothing to again ensure that she wasn’t mugged on the way back home. I always wonder what it would be like to live along side her and selling things in my street clothes in Thailand. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of my great grandmother to share, but I know that without those stories, I probably could have never guessed about her lifestyle.

Week 3: Activity 3


I interviewed my mom about my grandma for week 3 activity 3.

Give a brief history on your mom.

“She was single mom with two daughters. She came her in the early 1970s when she was twenty years old from Thailand. Then she got married a year and a half later to your grandpa. In the 1970s my sister and I were born. Then, my mom became a single mother in the 1980s due to a divorce.”

How was she like?

“She was a hard working women who trying to provide for her children. She was always working two jobs up until the present because now she owns her own restaurant. In the past she owned two other restaurant, but she still worked two jobs. She gave money to her relatives whenever they were in need.”

Did she give you anything?

“She handed down to me a family heirloom which it was a gold jeweled ring. The ring was passed down from your great great grandma. Your great great grandma got the ring while she was a servant in the palace in Thailand. She passed it on to your great grandma when she had children and to your grandma when she had children. Eventually, I got the ring a couple years back.”

What did she teach you?

“Things can work out, no matter how hard it is.”


The Los Angeles Olympics commenced when my grandmother was in the United States with my mom and her sister. The picture is credited at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:1984_Summer_Olympics_logo.svg